Anouk & Ralf

Anouk and Ralf live in a detached house with a large garden in a beautiful old street in Brabant. In 2018 Anouk asked us to make a design for the kitchen. A cubicle structure is one of the characteristics of the house. We designed a sturdy, stylish kitchen that completely matches the taste of Ralf and Anouk in terms of materialization, color and design. To enhance the sense of space in the house, we added the utility room to the former kitchen and moved the utility room, toilet group and storage room to the large garage. This created a lovely spacious kitchen with a garden view. The new connection to the living room contributed to a pleasant routing in the house. It has truly become a beautiful place to dine endlessly.

‘We wanted to replace our kitchen, but found it difficult to think about how we wanted to redesign the kitchen. That is why we asked Dennis and Yvette to think along with us, they knew what to do with this. We have shared our wishes and ideas and they have converted this into a design for both the kitchen and utility room. We enjoyed learning about their insights and thinking “out-of-the-box”. In our opinion, this gives us a contemporary design of both our kitchen and utility room that matches the rest of our home. In addition, we now use the available space much more intensively than before. The experience that Dennis has with designing and furnishing kitchens came in handy here. In addition to the design, Studio Baak also requested prices for us from suppliers on the basis of detailed drawings. We liked this very much, whereby we ourselves had influence on the suppliers we would like to work with. In a custom project like this, communication between suppliers during the realization is very important. We are really happy that this went well between the suppliers, in which Dennis played an important role. We have therefore experienced the communication as pleasant. In short, we heartily recommend Studio BAAK and enjoy our new kitchen and utility room every day. ”