Ad & Jacqueline

In July 2021, Ad and Jacqueline invited us to their home. They have a nice house in a quiet and green neighborhood in Brabant. The wish was to make the house more sustainable and to bring it more to the ”now”. The kitchen was in need of replacement and the question of what to do with the little-used utility room was open. We made a spatial design for them in which the kitchen and utility room were pulled together in complete openness with the living room. We drew a beautiful skylight, taking into account the special architectural lines in the house. We designed a delicious kitchen and visited a natural stone supplier together to pick out the top together. Broeders & Broer then built and installed the kitchen together with a number of beautiful pieces of furniture that we designed for Ad and Jacqueline. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport made beautiful steel doors.

We are proud of the result!