Studio BAAK is an agency that designs and produces stimulating interiors from design to realization. We enjoy working in various industries, both business and private. We love to see the challenge that each assignment entails. It’s our goal to always amaze you.

We take the entire process out of your hands: from sketch design, elaboration of drawings to a final design, the quotation process and the tender, to making a construction plan, the construction supervision and realization. We are happy to visit you for an initial consultation without any obligation.

Designing interiors is our passion. As creative individuals we also express ourselves in free work such as sculpture, painting and various art projects. Our source of inspiration is the world itself. What we deliver is original, averse to mainstream vision and always tailor-made.

The goal of studio baak is to give its own resonance to the world around us.  We are constantly inspired and touched.  
In our designs we make conscious choices so that   we contribute to a more sustainable world. 

We translate your assignment into a refined end result.

Creating an exciting interplay between material, shape, color and light.