Yvonne Knippen & Koffie

In 2015 we made the total design for the new hairdressing salon, manufactured the cabinets, counter, toilets and coffee furniture ourselves. We made mirror frames from oak wagon parts and we did the construction supervision. It became an attractive and sturdy result and as a bonus when you get a haircut, you get that delicious coffee… mmm

Yvonne: ”Working with Studio Baak is great! I especially liked that I could give them complete free rein in all the projects I have done with them. First we did some brainstorming about the feeling of the project… what it should become… And then it just arises by itself. In addition, they are 2 very nice warm pure people, everything is negotiable! In short, Studio BAAK is my favorite in the field of interior, renovation, architecture… and personality. ”