In an former Rabobank building, in the heart of the city center and next to the church, a number of luxury apartments were realized in 2019/2020 by Bedeaux de Brouwer Architecten. Yvonne invited us to visit a future apartment in an empty office. We were struck by the pleasant light that came through a hole in a number of missing ceiling plates that reveiled the height of the room. We made an overall design and saw the possibility to create a number of lofts so that the roof construction and height would remain visible. We embedded the full beauty of the space and designed a wonderfully comfortable place with uniqueness for Yvonne.

Yvonne: ”Working with Studio Baak is great! I especially liked that I could give them complete free rein in all the projects I have done with them. First we did some brainstorming about the feeling of the project… what it should become… And then it just arises by itself. In addition, they are 2 very nice warm pure people, everything is negotiable! In short, Studio BAAK is my favorite in the field of interior, renovation, architecture… and personality. ”