I am very fascinated by architecture and urban development, sustainability and innovation and social initiatives. Light, architectural shapes, materials, colors and structures are so inspiring!

I think it’s wonderful how life keeps taking me on new tracks. I have always outlived my intuition and heart and I have been shaped by living and working in France and the Czech Republic and sailing at sea. In 2009 I started to make a lighting fixture collection from old weathered wood that I sold for several years in my own company ‘Door YF’ to various furniture stores. By making choices that are true to myself, life has always managed to surprise me with special people, beautiful places and moments.

My source of inspiration is the world itself. The city, the colors of the mudflats, the scent of freshly cut grass, the buzz of sounds carried by the wind, lines of light, art, the structures, shapes and colors that the earth is rich.

My education at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Fine Art & Design Teacher Training, makes a nice connection between my passion for interior design, art and cultural education.

By combining my knowledge, creativity and broad work experience with Dennis and his creativity and expertise, we complement each other and are inspiring sparring partners. We share a great love for wood and sustainability. We want to show the material in its purest form.

foto yvonne en dennis studio baak interieur architecten
foto yvonne studio baak interieur architecten
foto yvonne en dennis studio baak interieur architecten
foto dennis studio baak interieur architecten


Creating, organizing and building run thru my veins. As a child I already built tree houses, soap carts and buildings from pallets. Lego was also my favorite toy. At the Sint Lucas in Boxtel and the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht, I started to focus on the subject of interior architecture and product design. After completing these courses, with a masterclass at Vitra as one of the highlights, I entered practice. After working for a number of years as an interior architect at interior architects bureau Andre van der Gun, interior construction companies and a design furniture store Vormvast, I was ready to start my own company in 2007.

Every day we work with a lot of energy and passion for every assignment in our studio. Here we create, organize and build beautiful concepts to achieve a successful result for the customer. Due to the great diversity of customers, we are used to thinking out of the box.