Artwork studio Baak- Ardach - Cammeleur

In the spring of 2018, Ardach asked us as interior designers to think about a work of art that Ardach wanted to give to the new Cammeleur.

De Cammeleur is a place for the inhabitants of Dongen to meet and connect, it is the center of the “Dongen DNA”.

After a tour of the Ardach glass factory, we were changed by the massiveness, the perfection and the beauty of glass. The stamping machines, the red glow and warmth of the liquid glass Were an inspiration to us for the design process.

We drove to the Cammeleur, with this experience still fresh in our minds.

On the beautiful wall in the void the sun was shining thru the glass ceiling, leaving long strips of shadows behind.

The interplay of glass and light became the essence of the artwork in 2019.

The work consists of 9 panels in which 6 x 6 pots are mounted on each panel in a tight pattern. This remains in a tight plane where the light creates a magical shimmering effect. In the evening, three large spots create a surprising image and take you into the encounter between glass and light.