Karin en Martijn

Karin and Martijn were still living in Germany when we first sat down together. The wish was to live in their house in Zeist again, but not before adjustments would be made.

We made a total plan and drew a new extension with beautiful continuous modern fa├žade with overhangs that match the style of the 30s house. We designed a wonderful living kitchen with all wishes integrated where new openness to the garden also arose. We made a wider passage from the entrance to the kitchen and provided a number of atmospheric views which, despite the size of the house, created fine connections. We adapted the stairs and created a workplace and comfortable bedroom upstairs with wardrobes in the passage to the new bathroom.

It is a wonderful house to live in completely fitting with Karin, Martijn and the boys. It was a pleasure to work with them and we are proud of the great result!

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