Tiny House Rian

Rian came to us at the end of last year with the wish for a small house that is completely in line with who she is and how she would like to live; full of meaning, in simplicity, sustainably built and in a social context, creating space for beautiful collaborations, exchange and meeting. There was no concrete place yet, but she felt it was completely appropriate to start the search for what the place might look like. We had many nice conversations and got to know each other much better. With the design, we put Rian in the shoes and with the spatial design we took into account how Rian likes to move and live in her house at any time of the day. The design language expresses our love for architectural forms. In addition, the houses that arise at the ends are a nod to ”the little house”. If you visualize the interior space of the house, the diagonal roofline creates a surprise that remains visible through the voids. The open south facade with colored stained glass in a number of places provides fine light and a connection with the outside. The wooden walls provide tranquility and a natural appearance that will be enriched with the colorfulness of Rian.

The model shows all unequal sides. The small house shape at the front is oriented to the east. The morning sun enters through the small round window. Under the window two narrow French doors. This is the place for meditation and coffee in the morning sun. The roof on the south side will have solar panels and a lot of glass in the facade. The western front side gives a view of the evening sun. Here is a sofa inside and a wood stove provides heating in the winter. The north side is for the wet room and technical room with a drawer/valve for the compost toilet.