Architecture, shaping and design, are our passion and our profession. We design interiors for both businesses and private market.

We take the entire process out of your hands: from sketch design, elaboration of drawings to a final design, the quotation process and the tender, to making a construction plan, the construction supervision and realization.

We enjoy working in various industries, both business and private, and every assignment has its own challenges. To be honest we like a fair bit of challenges.

We have realized beautiful interiors for many private individuals, but also, for example, a new layout for the central hall of a hospital, a meditation room, a training center, various broker offices, shops, catering, a dental practice, a physiotherapy practice, the catering area for a swimming pool, a youth center and a Thai restaurant.

We love to give every interior its own individuality so that it becomes a wonderful place to live or work in.

Our strength is that we give your company its own identity that suits you and what you stand for as a company.

To strengthen your identity we often look at an early stage at the options available. This may mean that we start with concept development and also include the graphic identity part in our process. We see the importance of the visibility and appearance of your business premises.

We are happy to visit you for an initial consultation without any obligation.

foto yvonne en dennis studio baak interieur architecten

1st stage

* If the quotation is agreed, we will start working on the sketch design.

*We present this in combination with a physical mood board in which atmosphere and materials already give a good first impression of the new space.

*It sometimes happens that a design requires a different presentation form. * In that case, we make a film, prototype or model.

* If the sketch design has been received with enthusiasm and any adjustments have been made, we will proceed to the 2nd phase.  

foto yvonne en dennis studio baak interieur architecten

2nd stage

* In this phase, the sketch design is further digitally elaborated in detail. The contractor, interior builder and other contractors can use the drawings to calculate, issue quotations and start building.

* Many choices are made in this phase. Final colors and finishes for walls, floors, tiles, lighting and materialization are determined.