Project list


Ruimte 6, Cultureel Centrum de Boodschap

Design for the redesign of the space, among other things by using recycled materials.

Making Reading Tree for Primary School de Brakken

Design new entrance, canteen and upper floor Axel, Heijningen.

Child psychology practice Van Steenhoven
Total design spatial layout.

Kin Makelaars Breda
Total design interior plan and spatial layout. Also design and production desk and rear cupboard.

Echt Brood bakery
Total spatial design, construction supervision and own production of special items: Counter, bread cabinet and Echt Brood wall.


Blush nail salon at MOOOY

Citroengras Thai Cuisine keuken
Total design and own production special items: design counter, seating furniture and light wall.

Artwork “Glass and Light” for Ardach / de Cameleur. Design and implementation.


Smaak Lokaal, catering lunchroom
Total design and construction supervision.Realization, lighting plan, color plan, design and manufacture of the bar and the ice furniture and more.

Den Butter, sports hall and swimming pool Optisport, Rijen
Commission by the Municipality of Gilze-Rijen to make a design for the catering industry for the new sports complex. We have designed and manufactured four large seating and space dividing elements.

Fysio Mariastraat
We made a design for the practice in which we created major improvements by adapting the spatial layout, but achieved the greatest benefit by making the building visible from the outside. This strengthened the identity of this sympathetic practice. The desk was relocated, the waiting area was moved and the practice areas enlarged. We made a color plan, a lighting plan. We made furniture for the waiting room and practice areas, the reception desk and cupboards.


Total concept in which several companies join forces in the field of beauty and personal care. In 2017 we were involved in concept development, graphic input, total design and construction supervision. We also designed and built cabinets, toilets, the sliding door, tables and mirrors in our workshop.

Medical Pedicure Practice de Regent
Spatial design. We made the shoe presentation, table, cupboards and counter for them.


Reflection / contemplation room “de Luwte” hospital WestFries Gasthuis in Hoorn
Total design and design and manufacture artwork and sofas.

Kin Makelaars Rijen office
Total design and construction supervision. Lighting plan, color plan, design and manufacture interior parts of the counter, tables, cupboard / partition, steel facade and doors.

Waiting room and counter dental practice van der Heijden Breda


Living room A16 youth center
Design. Construction of floor, stage and table, Floor: produced together with all young people from A16

KAD Wageningen
Total design training center, light, color plan, own construction of large wooden organic wall, tables.

Moos jewelry
Total design for the new store, construction supervision, design / manufacture Baak items: counter, cupboard wall, cupboard.

Hair Salon Coffee and Cutting at Yvonne Rijen
Total design, supervision and implementation. Beacon cupboards, counter, coffee corner, toilets, mirrors.


Room d’n Appel of camping de Mastendol
Supply and manufacture tables, lighting, partitions.

Health center De Oude Jacob Oosterhout
Material and color scheme.

Jeweler Het Goudhuisje
Expansion of display case and counter, material, color advice and guidance.

WestFriesGasthuis hospital Hoorn
Total design entrance area.


Sketch plan entrance areas and catering industry commissioned by ALBRON for ISALA hospital Zwolle, Lucas Andreas hospital Amsterdam, ZorgSaam Terneuzen

Branding House of Coffee ISS, Utrecht.

Sketch design catering area Ministry of Finance, The Hague.

Insurance office Bunde, total design.

Rowing club Breda, total design.

Youth center A 16 rows
Total design and construction supervision.

Cut by Yvonne, hair salon.
Total design and construction supervision.

Mary Magdalene church
Color plan, lighting plan and design internal extension with silent chapel, funeral chapel and multifunctional space.

Private projects


Nicole en Lars

Total design house including creation of vide and new extension. Spatial design, kitchen and bathroom design, lighting plan, color plan and finishes. Goirle

Jan & Liesbet

Spatial design apartment, design kitchen, lighting plan, color plan and finishes. Tilburg

Tamara en Robbert.

Design spatial layout, floor and wall finishes, private kitchen and company kitchen Houten Bakkes, bathroom and bedroom. Tilburg

Anna en Stefan

Total design ground floor, extension, living room and kitchen. Oosterhout

Karin en Martijn

Total design 1930s house, including design extension. Zeist


Marc en Carola

Design ground floor with slate floor at the request of Marc and Carola, design library cabinet with pivot door, design custom furniture such as TV cabinet in the curve of the wall, 4 m long table, wardrobe, mirror and side table, lighting plan and color plan. Furniture is manufactured in our wood workshop.

Wouter en Lotte

Design fully wall-filling oak wall cabinets with integrated table. Everything completely built to the dimensions of the old and here and there crooked house.

Ger en Franca

Spatial design, light and color plan, wall and floor finishes yet to be realized apartment complex.


Kitchen design old wine farm La Jasse, France

Design ground floor Ingrid and Paolo. Tilburg

Total design spatial layout of a house in an old bank building. Design kitchen. Wall, floor finishes, light and color scheme. Construction supervision.


Total design of the old rectory Noortje. Etten- Leur

Fam. De Hoon
Design living room, kitchen and bathroom of the ground floor apartment. We designed the kitchen and collaborated with professionals from our network who built the kitchen. A beautiful fireplace has been realized in the living room, integrated at the end of a cupboard wall.

Anouk en Ralf
Spatial design and design kitchen island with cabinets, construction supervision, light and color plan.

Frederique en Caroline
Design kitchen, cupboard wall for living room and attic.


Jeanne B
Design kitchen in a beautiful characteristic small house in the city. We went to accentuate the character of the house and make optimal use of the space. We used fresh colors and bamboo.


Fam. Wouters
Total ground floor design. Spatial layout, lighting plan, color plan, furniture proposal, wall and floor finish. We installed a beautiful pivot door, designed the wardrobe, cupboards, a TV cabinet and table.


fam Kroes
Design kitchen, living room, spatial layout, lighting plan, cupboard, connecting piece of furniture, fireplace.

Jeroen en Christel
Design and manufacture of table, TV cabinet and wall cabinet.


Design and manufacture dining table and side tables fam den Ouden.


• Interior design living room fam. Van Bedaf.
• Design and manufacture hall closet, steel profiles door, fireplace bench, Heidi and Jan.
• Kitchen, layout, light material and color plan, family Seelen.
• Garden pavilion, Arendesen Simons family, Loon op Zand
• Bathroom, family Seelen.
• Total design new-build Bunde, family Sarneel Paulussen, including Boffi bathroom and kitchen (
• Total design kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, mrs. Tiggelman Breda. Tiggelman Breda.
• Total design new-build Bunde, family Sarneel Paulussen, including Boffi bathroom and kitchen
• Design and execution of bookcase mrs. Berendsen in Tilburg
• Bathrooms and kitchen design Jugendstill house in Tilburg
• Total design new building, family Schrijvers Dongen.